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Businesses can fail for many reasons, but the biggest one is they fail because they don’t have an effective business plan and system for making money.

This is why so many independent startups fail where franchises succeed.

They burn through their cash during the trial and error period, which can easily last for years, trying to figure out how to perfect their business model. If they ever do.

At Eclipse Exterior Cleaning, we offer ongoing training to make sure you are the best in your industry. We know that eliminating the trial and error period with a proven system for making money gives you the highest probability of success in the shortest amount of time.


An Eclipse Exterior Cleaning franchise includes two full weeks of initial training, with one week of hands-on training in Warminster, Pennsylvania, followed by another full week of personal, onsite training at your location.

The two weeks don’t have to run together, with the second week of training during your start-up phase.

Training continues throughout your term with ongoing education and regular onsite support by our cleaning professionals.

Bottom line? We have a proven system for making money and can teach it to you. All you have to do is follow it.


If you need help or just have a question, the Eclipse team is available whenever needed.

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